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The exhibition opening and premiere of the photobook “Recycling Dogs”

On June 6, 2022, the opening of “Recycling Dogs” took place at fHouse in Warsaw, combined with premiere of the photobook. Over 400 people came to the event, including those who participated in the project.
During the event, in addition to visiting the exhibition, viewers could hear a few words from the president of the Mikropsy foundation, Magdalena Kordas and the author Michał Gromada, as well as guests who wanted to speak. After the official opening of exhibition, which was performed by the author, Kasia Sawczuk (the cover model), the president of the foundation, and Piotr Derlatka from the Szelest publishing house (publisher of the photobook), there was an upcycling fashion show, specially prepared for this occasion, symbolically referring to the idea of ​​​​the project and made by models from the prestigious Uncover Models agency. They presented the clothes by fashion designers: Jacob Buczynski, Anna Hołozubiec (Naked Upcycling Design), Magda Starczewska (dzinsai), Konstantin Miro (Miro Cats).

We would like to thank everyone for such a large presence and we encourage you to buy the photobook “Recycling Dogs”, which sold a very large number in the pre-sale and during the event.

Photos from the event – photo: Magdalena Białek / press materials