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photo by Kasia Szklarczyk


Michał Gromada

Based in Warsaw, Poland.

Michał Gromada is a photographer specializing in portraits as well as advertising and fashion photography. The author of exhibitions, enjoying great interest in the media and recipients, incl. “My Feminine” and “Recycling Dogs”. He often works with famous artists and personalities in Poland and other countries. His photos are published by the most important magazines. Michał tries to reflect what the human eye sees, including imperfections. He especially likes photographs that are unconventional and simple, following the principle: less is more.

Publications: Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Joy, Viva, Gala and others.
He took photos for Guess, Playboy, Deichmann, Marquard, Edipresse, Burda Media, Wirtualna Polska and others.

Thank you for visiting my website and I invite you to cooperation.
See you at some photoshoot or exhibition opening!

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